How To Clear iPhone RAM Memory - Fast iPhone

1. Start by unlock your iOS device.. That means the display will be lit,  and either the home screen or an app can be show, but not the lock screen.
2. Hold down the power button_ until the “slide to power off” Option_ appears on the device’s display.
3. Next, release the power Key (button), and then hold down the home Key (button) for roughly five seconds.

It may look like this fix is just too fast to form an enormous amendment in your device’s operation, however upon nearer examination, you’ll notice some telltale signs that show your Apple gear has so improved. First, because the home screen reloads, watch the menu bar refresh. This doesn’t generally happen once you faucet the house button, however it will once you reset or come out the device cold. Secondly, double-tap your home button to drag up the device’s fast launcher. All of your formerly-opened apps can still seem to be running in their last-viewed state, however once you faucet on any of them, you’ll notice they reload. they need been suspended, and area unit currently returning to life.

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